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Sports Physical

Sports Physicals in El Paso, TX

Your little MVP is ready to hit the field, but have they gotten their annual sports physical yet? Even if they aren’t playing group sports, if your child is participating in any kind of physical activity it’s incredibly important that they visit our pediatricians at Children's Clinic of El Paso each year for a comprehensive physical exam and health screening to make sure they are healthy enough for certain activities.

What is the purpose of a sports physical?

A sports physical, also referred to by some schools as a pre-participation physical examination (PPE), is a comprehensive health exam performed by our team of pediatricians to make sure that your child is healthy enough to play sports. Your child’s sports physical is separate from their annual examination and won’t take the place of their yearly wellness checkup.

What is involved in a sports physical?

When your child comes into our Eastside or Westside office in El Paso, TX, our pediatric team will take your child’s blood pressure, weight and height and vitals. We will also perform a quick vision screening. From there, our pediatricians will take over, going through your medical history and asking any questions about past illnesses, hospitalizations, injuries or surgeries. Details about your child’s medical history can help us pinpoint possible issues early on so that we prevent complications in the future.

Once we’ve gone through your child’s medical history, we will perform a thorough physical examination, checking their heart, lungs, stomach and musculoskeletal system to check for any signs of asthma, a heart murmur or past injuries that could impact their ability to play sports.

Why are sports physicals so important for my child?

Detecting health problems through these physical examinations doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t play sports; however, it’s important to identify health issues early on in your child so that we can provide them with medication, lifestyle changes and even modifications to their current activities to prevent serious health complications.

For example, a child with asthma may be prescribed both a daily and a rescue inhaler to help control their symptoms throughout the day, even when playing sports. By providing your child with the medications and treatment they need now, we can prevent serious complications from happening. Since your child’s health can change dramatically in just one year, it’s important that you bring your child into our office for their sports physical every year.

Seeing a pediatrician for a sports physical

Seeing your pediatrician for routine well-child visits and sports physicals helps keep your child's medical records and health history up to date. Pediatricians are also trained to identify and treat both medical and bone/joint problems that are commonly seen in children and adolescents who play sports. And they can ensure your child is caught up on immunizations and discuss any concerns in a confidential setting. If your child is not as active as they should be, they counsel on the benefits of physical activity.

The AAP recommends making appointments at least 6-8 weeks before starting a season to give time for any additional evaluation or new treatments. 

The AAP is against mass physicals (such as in a school gymnasium) and using urgent care settings.

These places often lack privacy and a healthcare provider who knows your child and has access to past medical records.

  • If your child is seen by someone other than his or her pediatrician for a sports physical, it is very important that you provide the clinic with accurate and complete medical information to receive the most appropriate care. Request that information regarding the visit be sent to your pediatrician so he or she can maintain a complete picture of your child's care. If the clinic does not offer this service, be sure to get copies of the services your child received and share this information with your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Kick off your child's school year the right way by scheduling their sports physical with our pediatricians at Children's Clinic of El Paso. With two convenient locations in El Paso, you can reach us in our Eastside office at (915) 592-2600 or our Westside office at (915) 544-2225!

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