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We love kids!!!

At Children’s Clinic of El Paso we are committed to outstanding care of kids for twenty three years now ( and counting!), from newborns until they “don’t wanna be called a kid anymore” . Through the first diaper change through the homework years, the varsity stints and glorious recitals, till happy graduations and the hopeful trek to college, we are here too for the ouchy times in between, for the moments when “I don’t feel so well”.

Preventive care is the cornerstone of our practice. We strive to stop, look and listen to the children’s needs and use evidence-based management of their health problems.

Providing you with the best care

MD., F.A.A.P.

Twenty five years of caring for kids in El Paso has only strengthened the commitment of Dr. Patricia Azarcon Samonte to good health. A Filipina native, Dr. Azarcon is a graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine and Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center for pediatrics . She also has a special interest in pediatric gastroenterology, having trained at New York Hospital/Cornell University.  She is an active member of the medical community, having served in the governing boards for the Hospitals of Providence and Las Palmas/ Del Sol Medical Centers, where she currently maintains  admitting privileges.  She is fluent in English, Spanish and Filipino.


Office Manager -

Violeta Asis

Nurse Practitioner -

Roberta Durk

Medical Assistants - 

Andres Caballero

Claudia Aguilera

Lorena Cadena

Alejandra Medrano

Jacqueline Kimball

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